Upcoming Events

2013 Oarai Ocean Fireworks Festival

Date: July 27th (July 28th in case of cancellation), 7:30 – 8:45pm

Location: Oarai Sun Beach (Accessible via bus from Oarai Station)

The focus of this fireworks festival is ‘the bigger the better’, with 10-hit runs of extremely large individual fireworks, big displays, wide-area displays, a display set to music, and a firework with a diameter of 500m in the air! Nomura Fireworks, the winners of the Prime Minister Award, will be running the show.

This year’s program has undergone a slight change, as the usual finale with the ultra large fireworks will be followed by a fireworks display set to music like the one that was so popular last year. Come enjoy this beautiful symphony of fireworks and music by the sea. There will also be a firework cruise on the Nippon Maru luxury liner, for a new and unique way to enjoy the show.

It is expected that traffic on the day will be fairly intense, so please be aware of this in advance.ooarai2013


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