Upcoming Events

16th Annual Ryujin Gorge Lantern Festival

When: Aug 12-15, 2013

Where: Ryujin Suspension Bridge, Hitachi-ota

Contact Details (Japanese only): Hitachi-ota City Tourism and Local Products Association Suifu Division (0294-85-1116)

The Ryujin Suspension Bridge is 100 metres high and 375 metres long, making it the longest suspension bridge in Japan. During the Ryujin Gorge Lantern Festival, you can enjoy the beauty of 600 lanterns along and around the bridge.

*Restaurants will stop taking orders at 8:30pm. During the festival, it will be free to cross the bridge after 5pm.


Suifu All Stars Ryujin Gorge Free Concert

When: Aug 12    7:00-8:00pm

Where: Ryujin Suspension Bridge Carpark No.1 in front of the Suspension Bridge Anchorage

*If it rains, the concert will be moved to the Mori no Kaze Restaurant on the second floor of the Suifu Local Product Centre

 Lantern Festival Contest

Themes: The Lantern Festival and summer

*For details, check out the Lantern Festival pamphlet

Ryoko Suifu Soba Festival

When: August 1-15

Where: Participating restaurants in the Suifu Soba Village

What: The Soba Festival revolves around Suifu’s local soba restaurants. You can try a number of dishes in the participating restaurants that are only available during the festival.

Contact details (Japanese only): Ryu-chan no Yu (0294-87-0543)

 Stone Oven Pizza

When: August 12-15 6:00-9:00pm

Where: The pizza stall on the south side of Suifu Local Product Centre

Cost: 800 yen per pizza

*Only 30 pizzas are available per day so get in quick!


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