Hitachi Aki Soba Festival

When: November 9-10, 10am – 3pm
Where: Koryu Centre Fuji (Hitachiota-shi, Takagaki-cho 272)

ImageThe Kanasagou area is the home of Hitachi Aki Soba, known for its characteristic fragrance, sweetness, and high quality. Every year when the November batch of Hitachi Aki Soba is made the Hitachi Aki Soba Festival is held in Hitachiota City.

Sample shinsoba (soba made from the new buckwheat crop) from all around Japan at the National Shinsoba Eat and Walk Corner, and try your hand at making your own soba. The soba making experience costs 2000 yen per pair, and will be held at 10:30, 11:30, and 13:30, both Saturday and Sunday. Each session is limited to 9 pairs, so register early if you plan to participate!

Once you’ve had your fill of the fragrant and delicious shinsoba, experience the culture and traditions of the Kanasagou area by visiting the Specialty Products Corner, watching the folk performances, and taking part in the many other events and activities held throughout the festival.

There will be temporary parking on site, and a free shuttle bus will take you from the car park directly to the event. There will also be a shuttle bus running from JR Hitachiota Station for 500 yen return trip.


Okukuji Fukuroda Falls Illumination ~ Beautiful Autumn Falls to Frozen Winter Falls

When: Weekends and Holidays from November 3 to February 11
Where: Area around Fukuroda Falls, Daigo
Admission: Adults 300 yen, Children 150 yen

Starting November 3 and continuing on weekends and holidays until February 11 Fukuroda Falls will be transformed into a mystical space by the skills of highly acclaimed lighting technician Masaaki Aiba and DJ/Photographer Hiroshi Watanabe, who will be in charge of music.

The illuminations will commence at sundown and finish around 8pm, except on New Year’s Eve, when the event will continue until 2am. Parking is available on site for a fee and is limited to 900 vehicles. Be careful of ice on the road during the colder months.

24th Annual Yasato Fureai Festival

When: November 3, 9:30am – 3pm
Where: Ishioka City Yasato Sogo Undo Park

ImageThe Yasato Fureai Festival is packed full of great entertainment, from folk art exhibitions and performances to a popular song show. There will also be fun events for the kids all throughout the day in the Kids’ Festival Area.

There is no parking on site, but a free shuttle bus will take you from the Yasato Sogo Shisho Car Park (5680-1 Kakioka, Ishioka City) or the JA Yasato Eino Ryutsu Centre Car Park (3595-1 Kakioka Konosu, Ishioka City) to the event. A free shuttle bus will be operating from 8am to 4pm in the Ishioka area with one bus every hour. It will stop at Ishioka City Hall, Ishioka Station East Exit, Ishioka City Central Library, and Ishioka Sogo Shisho.

*There will be no chairs in front of the main stage, so please bring your own camp chair if you wish to sit.

Hitachinaka Industrial Exchange Fair

When: November 2-3, 9am – 3:30pm
Where: Hitachinaka City Sogo Undo Park (49 Shinko-cho, Hitachinaka City)

Come on down to the Hitachinaka Industrial Exchange Fair and celebrate local industries. There will be exhibitions of products from our sister cities, Shiobara City in Tochigi Prefecture and Ishinomaki City in Miyagi Prefecture, and visitors will have an opportunity to check out some international exchange projects. There will be exciting stage events throughout the day, including sentai shows such as Kamen Rider and Kyoryuja, hip hop and jazz dance performances, and an ultra industry exchange quiz! You can sample a huge variety of local cuisine while checking out the exhibitions and watching the performances on stage. Don’t miss it!

Ibaraki Harvest Festival

When: November 2 10am – 5pm, November 3 10am – 3:30pm
Where: Geijutsu-no-Mori Park, Kasama City
Admission: Free!

Come celebrate Ibaraki’s local produce at the Ibaraki Harvest festival! Enjoy a variety of fresh and delicious local cuisine, participate in heaps of  fun activities, and watch amazing stage events all throughout the day.

Parking is free, and a bus will take you directly to the venue from the parking lot. For those arriving by train, there will be a free bus to the venue from the northern exit of Tomobe Station.

Koga Chrysanthemum Festival

When: October 27 – November 23
Where: Navel Park, Koga City

Come check out a huge variety of Chrysanthemum flowers lovingly grown by the flower enthusiasts of Koga and displayed in a number of creative ways. There will be flowers on sale and a variety of entertainments throughout the festival.

Prefectural Residents’ Day

When: November 13

Prefectural Residents’ Day is a day on which residents should strive to learn more about the history of the prefecture they live in and become more familiar with local government.
On July 14, 1871, due to an Imperial edict abolishing feudal domains and establishing prefectures, Japan was divided into 305 prefectures. On November 13 of the same year, these were consolidated into 75 prefectures. At that time, what is now Ibaraki Prefecture was divided into Niihari Prefecture, Inba Prefecture, and Ibaraki Prefecture.
In 1968, 100 years since the first year of the Meiji era, November 13 was named Prefectural Residents’ Day to mark the first usage of the name Ibaraki to refer to our prefecture.

To mark this wonderful day and to help residents become more familiar with their prefecture, admission into a number of facilities will be free or discounted. You can also purchase a Tokiwaji Pass at JR Midori no Madoguchi ticket offices and ride all JR lines and most private lines* as many times as you like for one day, giving you the chance to visit a variety of places in Ibaraki!

*Certain routes maybe be excluded from this offer

Free Admission
Kairakuen Kobuntei
Ibaraki Prefectural Museum of History
Mito City Museum
Ibaraki Museum of Modern Art
Tsukuba Museum of Art
Tenshin Memorial Museum of Art
Oku Hitachi Kirara no Sato (free for middle school students and below)
Hitachi Kamine Park Leisure Land (only admission to the park is free)
Ryuujin Suspension Bridge
Ibaraki Botanical Garden
Fukuroda Falls (free admission into the waterfall viewing area)
Ibaraki Children’s Centre Kodomo no Shiro
Oarai Marine Tower
Ibaraki Ceramic Art Museum
Tsuchiura Archaeology Museum
Tsuchiura City Museum
Kokaigawa Fureai Park (Park Golf Course, Ibaraki Residents Only)
Ibaraki Nature Museum
Minato Park Observation Tower
Tokugawa Museum (Ibaraki elementary and middle school students only)

Discounted Entry
Forespa Daigo
Aqua World Oarai Aquarium
Kasama Craft Hills Fureai Studio
Shiki Kenkoukan
Ibaraki Flower Park
Chikusei Yuyukan
Shimodate Museum of Art
*Tsukuba Wan Wan Land
*Nasu Highland Park
*Kasama Nichido Museum of Art
*Shunpu Banriso

*Ibaraki Residents Only