Upcoming Events

Hitachinaka Autumn Festival 2013

Date: October 20th, 9:30am to 5:00pm

Location: Hitachi Seaside Park, near the Water Stage

Price: Free Admission!

Image The Autumn Festival is being held to promote the development of Hitachinaka and the usage of Hitachi Seaside Park, as well as to create a variety of interactions between different areas to jump-start rejuvenation. On the day of the festival, there will be bus tours of the Hitachinaka area, local specialty goods for sale, folk entertainment performances, and lots of other fun events! Also, at the same time, those who attend will be able to enjoy the kochia and cosmos flowers of Hitachi Seaside Park.


■  Hitachinaka Area Bus Tour

Take a tour of the Japan Safe Driving Center or the Tokai Clean Centre.

■  Hitachinaka Area PR Corner

Hitachinaka Area’s development status and land planning will be introduced using panels and posters. While looking at the panels and posters, visitors will be able to answer quiz questions about Hitachinaka and win small prizes!

■  Stage Events

Local performers from Mito, Hitachinaka, Hitachiota, and Naka will perform. There will also be bingo games and PR from cities and towns across Ibaraki, and PR from Tochigi and Gunma as well.

■  Food Exhibits

Local foods from Hitachinaka, Toukai-mura, Mito, Hitachi, Ryugasaki, Hitachiota, Kasama, Hitachiomiya, Naka, Hokota, Ibaraki-machi, Daigo, and Oarai will be available to buy!


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