Upcoming Events

106th Annual Chrysanthemum Festival

When: October 19 – November 30, 2013
Where: Kasama Inari Shrine, Kasama City

The Chrysanthemum Festival has over 100 years of history behind it. Come see 10 000 chrysanthemum flowers brighten up autumn in Kasama City.


Chrysanthemum Doll Exhibit
During the festival, from 8:30 to 4:30, there will be a chrysanthemum doll exhibit depicting scenes from Yae no Sakura inside Kasama Inari Shrine. Entrance into the exhibit is 800 yen for adults and 400 yen for children. You can also check out the Kasama Inari Art Gallery.

Yabusame (Archery on Horseback)
On November 3 from 10am to 2pm at a specially prepared riding ground in front of Kasama Elementary School you can witness Yabusame, an ancient Shinto ritual involving mounted archers used to predict whether the harvest would be plentiful or not.

Kasama Jigen Style Sword Technique Exhibition
On November 9 from 10am at Kasama Inari Shrine you have the rare opportunity to witness a sword technique exhibition.

Yamato Koryuu Dedicated Ceremony
Takahito Tomotsune is the current head of Yamato Koryuu, an ancient style passed down through generations including sword fighting, archery, Japanese poetry, incense burning, flower arranging, and tea ceremony. On November 10 from 9:30 and 11:30 he will give you a glimpse into the secrets of the Yamato Koryuu style.

Bugaku Festival
On November 17 from 10am till 2pm at the Kasama Inari Shrine there will be a Bugaku performance. Bugaku is style of traditional dancing that has been performed with music in Japanese imperial courts for around 1200 years.


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