Upcoming Events

24th Annual Yasato Fureai Festival

When: November 3, 9:30am – 3pm
Where: Ishioka City Yasato Sogo Undo Park

ImageThe Yasato Fureai Festival is packed full of great entertainment, from folk art exhibitions and performances to a popular song show. There will also be fun events for the kids all throughout the day in the Kids’ Festival Area.

There is no parking on site, but a free shuttle bus will take you from the Yasato Sogo Shisho Car Park (5680-1 Kakioka, Ishioka City) or the JA Yasato Eino Ryutsu Centre Car Park (3595-1 Kakioka Konosu, Ishioka City) to the event. A free shuttle bus will be operating from 8am to 4pm in the Ishioka area with one bus every hour. It will stop at Ishioka City Hall, Ishioka Station East Exit, Ishioka City Central Library, and Ishioka Sogo Shisho.

*There will be no chairs in front of the main stage, so please bring your own camp chair if you wish to sit.


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