Upcoming Events

Kantou’s Biggest Nabe! Yamagatajuku Imoni Party!

When: November 16, 10am – 3pm (Rain date: November 17)
Where: Seiryuu Koen, Yamagata (Hitachiomiya-shi, Yamagata 530)

Imoni is a thick meat and potato soup commonly eaten outdoors in autumn. At the Yamagatajuku Imoni Party, 5000 servings of imoni will be made at once in a giant, 3.5m diameter nabe (cooking pot). This delicious Imoni will be made with local ingredients such as Okukuji chicken, taro, tamakonnyaku, scallions, and burdock root.

You can enjoy a bowl of imoni for 300 yen, or purchase a spot in the Imoni Tea House and enjoy the beautiful autumn leaves and a variety of local cuisine, including imoni, ayu no shioyaki (salted and fried sweetfish), gomoku gohan (five ingredients cooked with rice), potato skewers, Hitachi Aki Soba (famous buckwheat noodles from the Hitachi region), and local sake. You can purchase tickets on the day for 3000 yen. Seating is limited to 200 people though, so get in fast!

There will also be a raffle, and potato skewers and local products on sale. Don’t miss out on being a part of this unique event!

Seiryuu Koen is a five minute walk from Yamagatajuku Station on the Suigun line, and a 40 minute drive on National Highway 118 from the Joban Expressway Naka Interchange.


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