Upcoming Events

Ibaraki Kōgei Taizen (Glass Art Exhibition)

When:          January 2 – March 23 9:30 – 5pm*
Where:         Ibaraki Ceramic Art Museum, Kasama city
Admission:   Adults 700 yen, High School/University Students 500 yen,
Elementary and Junior High Students 250 yen

In a discussion of craft in Ibaraki, you will often hear about Kasama pottery, Yuki silk, and Shunkei lacquerware, but this prefecture’s glasswork is also deserving of a mention. From the glass beads excavated from old tombs and the heirlooms of the Hitotsubashi Tokugawa family to glasswork studios and companies such as Studio Silica in Kitaibaraki and Kagami Crystal in Ryugasaki and the local individual glass artists, Ibaraki has a thriving glasswork scene. In addition, the works of master glass artists from Japan and around the globe, including Iwata Tōshichi (1893-1980), Iwata Hisatoshi (1925-1994), Kagami Kōzō (1896-1985), Fujita Kyōhei (1921-2004), and Harvey Littleton (1922- ) can be found in collections all around Ibaraki.

The goal of the Ibaraki Kōgei Taizen is to present the appeal of Ibaraki’s local crafts by going beyond pottery and introducing people to a much wider range of works. The first part of this series will focus on glasswork, collecting a number of pieces from local artists and some of the famous glasswork from local collections under one roof.

Exhibition Guide

Part 1    Ibaraki Glass Collection

1.1: Past to Present
Glass Beads Exhumed From Tombs
Hitotsubashi Tokugawa Family Heirlooms
Bohemian Art Nouveau

1.2: The Masters of Modern Glasswork
Kagami Kōzō/Iwata Tōshichi and Iwata Hisatoshi
Fujita Kyōhei and Masters Around the World

1.3 Modern Glass Artists – From the Collection of Studio Silica (Kitaibaraki City)

Part 2    The Glass Artists of Ibaraki
Matsumura Matsuo/Sako Jirō/Uzawa Fumiaki/Shioya Naomi/Abiru Shōgo/Ōkubo Shigemi/Takei Morihiko/Sugiyama Yōji/Kawakami Tomomi

*Entry until 4:30pm. Closed on Mondays.  Open on January 13 but closed the following day.


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