Upcoming Events

Oarai Spring Festival Kairaku Festa

When: March 29 (1 – 8pm) March 30 (10am – 4pm)
Where: Lawn in front of Oarai Marine Tower and Oarai Shopping District


There’s something for everyone at Kairaku Festa. Saturday afternoon kicks off with aptitude tests for piloting tanks from 1pm to 3pm in front of Oarai Marine Tower – something fans of the Girls und Panzer anime set in Oarai will surely be keen to check out. From 5:30 – 7 there will be a DJ playing popular anime songs (this may be changed closer to the date). The night will finish with a fireworks display from 7:30 – 8pm.

On Sunday you can enjoy a variety of events on the lawn in front of Oarai Marine Tower – there will be a Girls und Panzer talk show, a swordfish butchering display, and performances from Oarai’s local heroes Oarider and Araippe, Oarai High Schools Blue Hawks, and Oarai Elementary Brass Band. There will also be stalls selling food, drinks, and goods. Meanwhile in the shopping district, there will be a roleplaying game that everyone can participate in, a bus that you can draw on, and a Girls und Panzer quiz.

Those who want to cosplay Girls und Panzer characters are welcome to, but cosplay from other works is not permitted. It is okay to travel between the two areas of the festival, but make sure you obey traffic laws and behave appropriately. Long props are not permitted.


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