Upcoming Events

Asahi Satoyama Strawberry Festival

When: April 12 – 13, 9am – 4pm

Where: Participating Farms in Ishioka City, Asahiyama Elementary School


During the festival, entrance to participating strawberry farms will be half price. There will be a stamp rally, and when you collect all the stamps you need you can head to Asahiyama Elementary School and enter a raffle. There will also be products from organic farms on sale, a woodwork workshop, and old fashioned games for kids to try.

Participating Strawberry Farms

Nakamura Strawberry Farm Ishioka-shi Asahi 225
Tsuji Strawberry Farm Ishioka-shi Tsuji 165
Maruyo Strawberry Farm Ishioka-shi Tsuji 138
Oseki Strawberry Farm Ishioka-shi Tsuji 176
Marusaka Strawberry Farm Ishioka-shi Tsuji 179
Igosaki Strawberry Farm Ishioka-shi Asahi 280
Matsunobu Strawberry Farm Ishioka-shi Tsuji 139



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