Upcoming Events

3rd Annual Ibaraki Sweet Fair 2014

When: May 23 -25, 10:30am – 4pm
Where: Ibaraki Prefectural Office 2nd Floor, Mito

Come celebrate the delicious Japanese and Western style confections made in Ibaraki Prefecture


Display and Sale of Confections (23rd – 25th) Ibaraki Prefectural Office Citizens’ Hall
Around 30 stalls will be in operation each day selling Japanese and Western confections, particularly those made using local ingredients.

Sale of Food Made Using Local Ingredients from Ibaraki (24th – 25th) Hibari Cafeteria
Chefs specialising in Japanese, Western, and Chinese cuisine will be selling food prepared with local ingredients from Ibaraki.

Sale of Farm Produce, Fish, and Specialty Processed Goods from Ibaraki (23rd – 25th) Prefectural Government PR Corner
1st Annual Confection Contest among Participating Stalls
The aim of this competition is to raise awareness for the sweets made by Ibaraki’s skilled confectionaries. A special page has been set up so that people can vote for their favourites. This year’s theme is ‘melon’!

Kasama Pottery and Confection Joint Event (24th – 25th) Hibari Cafeteria
A limited number of roll cakes served on Kasama Pottery dishes will be available for 500 yen.

Ibaraki Sake Tour Jelly
Breweries around Ibaraki will work with confectionaries to make jelly that compliments the unique flavour and style of each brewery’s sake. The jelly will be on sale as a confection for adults.

Sale and Display of Kureyon Shop Confections
The Kureyon Shop is support facility for people with disabilities created from the concept of people enjoying life together regardless of whether they have a disability or not. They will be displaying and selling sweets at their stall throughout the fair.


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