Upcoming Events

Oarai Ocean Fireworks Festival

When: July 26th (July 27th in case of cancellation), 7:30 – 8:30pm
Where: Oarai Sun Beach (Accessible via bus from Oarai Station)

The focus of this fireworks festival is ‘the bigger the better’, with 10-hit runs of extremely large individual fireworks, big displays, wide-area displays, a display set to music, and a firework with a diameter of 500m in the air! Nomura Fireworks, the winners of the Prime Minister Award, will be running the show.

The finale will feature ultra large fireworks followed by a fireworks display set to music like the one that was so popular last year. Come enjoy this beautiful symphony of fireworks and music by the sea. There will also be a firework cruise on the Nippon Maru luxury liner, for a new and unique way to enjoy the show.

It is expected that traffic on the day will be fairly intense, so please be aware of this in advance. For safety reasons, please bring a torch.


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