Upcoming Events

Ibaraki Botanical Garden Presents Night Garden

When: August 23-24 until 9pm
Where: Ibaraki Botanical Garden4589 To, Naka

20140823 Night Garden

Ibaraki Botanical Garden will be hosting a Night Garden event on the 23rd and 24th of August. The NPO Yume Akari will be providing 3200 candles, casting an otherworldly atmosphere over the gardens. Come along to experience the gardens as you’ve never seen them before!

23/24, 6pm onward – Festival Stalls
23/24, 7-8:30pm – Tropical Plant Exhibit Night Tour (sign up at the Tropical Plant Exhibit)
23/24, 6pm onward – Candle Lighting (you can participate too!)
23, 7pm onward – Nature Game (sign up near the ticket booth)
23/24 – Forest Concert
23, 4-4:30pm, 5:30-6pm – Tree Climbing Experience (500 yen, booking essential)


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