Upcoming Events

8th Annual New Chestnuts Festival

When: October 4 9am – 4pm, October 5 9am – 3:30pm
Where: Shimin Center Iwama , Kasama (Kasama-shi, Shimogou 5140)

Ibaraki is the number one producer of chestnuts in Japan. In 2013, 4,910 tonnes, 23% of Japan’s chestnuts for that year were grown in Ibaraki, and Kasama is one of Ibaraki’s main areas for chestnut production.

The New Chestnuts Festival is fun for the whole family. You can try and buy chestnuts and sweets made from chestnuts. There will be games for children, and a contest for elementary school children where they can design a new sweet using chestnuts.

There will be a free shuttle service from Iwama Station to the venue. It is also accessible via national highway no. 355 off the Kita-Kanto Expressway Tomobe IC or the Joban Expressway Iwama IC.


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