Upcoming Events

Autumn Festivals in Hitachiota

27th Annual Satomi Scarecrow Festival

When: October 25th – November 29th
Where: Satomi Fureaikan Event Square, Hitachiota

Scarecrows are symbolic of agriculture, the guardians who watch over people’s fields. Appreciate the variety of entries made for the Scarecrow Contest that will be on display for a month in Hitachiota.

26th Annual Ryujin Gorge Autumn Leaves Festival

When: November 1-30, 8:30am – 5pm
Where: Ryujin Suspension Bridge, Hitachiota

Admire the colourful changing leaves of Ryujin Gorge during the Autumn Leaves festival throughout November. There are a number of fun events you can check out during the festival.

Hitachi Aki Soba New Soba Fair

Hitachiota is said to be the home of Japan’s most delicious soba, Hitachi Aki Soba! Autumn is the season for freshly made soba, so look for the green flags that mark shops as sellers of Hitachi Aki Soba and try some, you won’t regret it!

Soba-making Workshop

This workshop welcomes people of all skill levels to try their hand at making soba noodles with Hitachi Aki Soba flour.

When: November 23 (Sunday) 10am – 3pm (registration begins at 9am, the workshop takes an hour)
Where:  Tacchan no Yu http://tacchannoyu.ryujinkyo.jp/access.html
Cost: 1500 yen per person

Autumn Leaves Festival Photo Contest

Theme: Ryujin Gorge in Autumn

1. The photo must be taken by the contestant, and it must not have been published elsewhere
2. The photo must be printed on quarto photographic printing paper (wide version is okay, ink jet printer paper is not accepted) and unaltered. On the back of the photo, write the title of the work, where it was taken, your address, name, age, gender, post code, phone number, and the type of camera you used.
3. There is no limit on the number of works you can submit. The works you submit will not be returned to you.
4. The publishing rights and the right to use the winning photos will be reserved by the Hitachiota Tourism and Local Products Association, and winners will be required to submit their film and data.
5. The winning photos will be displayed at Tacchan no Yu.
Deadline: December 8, 2014 (works with a postmark from this day will be accepted)

Send photos to:
〒313-0292  茨城県常陸太田市町田町163-1

Special Prize: 1 (30,000 yen)
Regular Prize: 2 (10,000 yen)
Honourable Mention: 3 (5000 yen)

All winners will receive coupons for Tacchan no Yu.

Autumn Leaves Festival Stamp Rally

Collect three stamps from three different check points on the provided slip of paper and submit it to go into the draw to win 3000 yen worth of local specialty products! 20 people can win!

Hitachiota Taiko Federation 8th Annual Ota Taiko Fest!

When: November 2, 1pm

Local Product Market

Enjoy local specialties of Hitachiota such as soba, udon, konnyaku, and vegetables, and savour autumn flavours such as salted ayu.

*On Ibaraki Prefecural Residents Day (November 13) crossing Ryujin Suspension Bridge is free (even if you’re from outside Ibaraki!)

Hitachiota Consolidation 10th Anniversary Hitachi Aki Soba Festival Satoyama Fair

When: November 8-9, 10am-3pm
Where: Yamabuki Exercise Park, Hitachiota

20141101 Hitachiota Festival 3

Enjoy Hitachiota’s famous Hitachi Aki Soba fresh along with a variety of other local products at the Satoyama Fair. Shuttle buses will take you from Hitachiota Station to the venue.


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