Upcoming Events

11th Annual Red Brick Lights and Gingko Festival

When: November 8-9, 12-8pm
Where: Area around the Former Machiya Hendensho (Townhouse Substation)
(Hitachiota-shi Nishigoutoshimo-cho 1382-1)

20141108 11th Annual Red Brick Lights and Gingko Festival

Head down to the Machiya Hendensho in Hitachiota to see it and the surrounding area lit up by a hundreds of beautiful lights and lanterns and enjoy exciting stage performances and exhibitions throughout the weekend. Don’t forget to sample the delicious food from the stalls in the festival square!

The Machiya Hendensho was once a working substation linked to the Hitachi Mine, which was once one of Japan’s four major copper mines. It was the transformer substation of a hydroelectric power plant built for the Hitachi Mine in January 1909. The mine was closed and the buildings around it were torn down, but the Machiya Hendensho alone remains as a valuable historical building. As most buildings without a use were torn down, it is a miracle that this remnant from 1909 is still standing. Don’t miss your chance to see this historical building glow!

Parking is available on site and nearby. See here for a map of the venue.

Stage Schedule

2:00 Aina Hula Aloha Group
2:30 BErgamot Velmail Sole
4:00 Tokai High School East Ocean Jazz Orchestra
5:00 Aina Hula Aloha Group

2:00 Kids Hip Hop Dance (BIG MINI and CHOCOLACHIP)
2:30 Ocarina Nishiyama
3:00 Uno Yoriyuki and the Suifu All Stars
3:45 Satomi Taiko Group
4:15 Banjo Doji
4:45 Araki Group


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