Upcoming Events

Nishiyama Winter Festival

Where: Yamabuki Exercise Park Gymnasium and other locations in Hitachiota (see the map at the bottom of the flyer)
When: 9:30am – 3pm, January 17, 2015

20150117 Nishiyama Winter Festival

Come forget about the chilly weather at the Nishiyama Winter Festival! There will be craft stalls selling art and craft made by children and local artists, food stalls selling curry, udon, soba, tonjiru (pork soup), fairy floss, and much more. In the activities corner you can make pressed flower bookmarks, keychains, and taketombo (small wooden that flies when you spin it between your hands), try playing old-fashioned games, and learn how to cook or play an uguisu fue (bush warbler flute). There will be live bands, a luck draw, and quiz bingo.

The coach of Mito’s soccer team the Holly Hocks will be there with their mascot Holly, and from 1-3pm there will be a soccer class for kids. There will also be an air goal set up between 10am – 3pm where you can test your skills. Don’t miss out!


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