Upcoming Events

7th Annual Naka Hinamatsuri

When: 9am – 4:30pm, January 31st – March 8th
Where: Various locations around Naka

20150131 7th Annual Naka Hinamatsuri

Hinamatsuri, also known as the Doll Festival or Girls’ Day, is held on March 3rd every year. Many places display dolls for around a month before the day of the festival. Head to Naka to see beautiful doll displays all around the city.

Display Locations

Naka Magariya
Address: Naka-shi Sugaya 4520-1
PH: 029-295-1315

Naka Rekishi Minzoku Shiryoukan
Hina Doll Exhibit – features dolls from as far back as the Edo Period
Address: Naka-shi Tozaki 428-2
PH: 029-297-0080

Naka City Hall
Address: Naka-shi Fukuda 1819-5
PH: 029-298-1111

Naka Chuuou Kouminkan
Address: Naka-shi Fukuda 1819
PH: 029-298-5680

Sougou Centre Raporu
Address: Naka-shi Kotoku 371
PH: 029-296-1651
Naka Municipal Library (closed on the last Thursday of every month)
Address: Naka-shi Sugaya 2995-1
PH: 029-352-1177

Fureai Centre Yokobori
Address: Naka-shi Yokobori 1526-1
PH: 029-296-2111

Shizu Hills Country Club (closed when it snows)
Address: Hitachiomiya-shi Oba 5766

*The Rekishi Minzoku Shiryoukan, Chuuou Kouminkan, Sougou Centre Raporu, and the Municipal Library are closed on Mondays. If Monday is a public holiday, they are closed the following day

Special Events

Tsurushi-bina Festival*
When: 10am – 3pm, March 1st
Where: Naka Magariya and Ichinoseki no Tameike Shinsui Koen
Tsurushi-bina are small stuffed dolls. This festival will feature doll displays, a taiko performance, stalls, a performance of the traditional Kadobe Hyottoko Dance, and much more.

*Cancelled in poor weather

Naka Tsurushi-bina Committee Original Goods Sale
When: Every Wednesday-Sunday and public holidays during the Naka Hinamatsuri
Where: Naka Magariya
Buy small hand-sewn goods, Tsurushi decorations, fabric sets, cookies, madeleines, and more


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