Upcoming Events

42nd Annual Mt. Tsukuba Plum Festival

When: February 21st – March 29th
Where: Tsukuba and the Mt. Tsukuba Plum Forest

Tsukuba’s plum tree forest sits at around 250m above sea level, and from among the trees you can gaze out upon Tsukuba City, and even spot Mt. Fuji and Tokyo Sky Tree in the distance. The Mt. Tsukuba Plum Festival is unique in offering the chance to enjoy such a splendid view while walking amongst the red, pink, and white blossoms.

Every day during the festival there will be free plum tea and performances by gama no aburauri (a spruiker from the Edo period who would give lively performances to sell bulrush oil, which was used to treat wounds. It is now a famous local product in the Tsukuba area, particularly on Mt. Tsukuba). On weekends there will also be folk entertainment.

Throughout the festival stores around Tsukuba will sell a variety of plum-themed dishes for you to try. There will be a free bus between the various inns and hotels around Mt. Tsukuba that have onsen facilities on weekends and public holidays.


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