Upcoming Events

Tomato Festival

When: June 19 – July 5
Where: Hitachiota Farm and Kitchen Participating Farms and Restaurants


The Hitachiota Farm and Kitchen project is a collaboration between farms and restaurants in Hitachiota. The farm produce grown by Hitachiota’s young farmers with know how passed down through generations is cooked in innovative ways by local chefs. The Tomato Festival is their 7th project.

Tomatoes are delicious raw, but their nutrients are easier to absorb when they are processed, making them ideal for cooking, and perfect for a Farm & Kitchen ingredient. The refreshing umami of tomatoes has been used in western cooking as a recipe base for many years. It has been ranked number 1 for three years in a row among the vegetables most popular with children. Head to one of the participating restaurants to enjoy delicious tomato dishes!

Participating Farms and Restaurants

Kawasaki Shinpei (Sanzai-cho)
Miyake Shotaro (Matsudaira-cho)

Kogami (Konaka-cho)
Oguraya Shokudo (Takagaki-cho)
Hogetsudo (Higashiichi-cho)
Ahiru no Kobo Café (Higashisan-cho)
Kanasa no Yu (Kamimiyakawauchi-cho)
Gateau Daisy (Osato-cho)
café+1 (Higashiichi-cho)
La Verude (Sanzai-cho)
Tamakiya Main Store (Wada-cho)
Wataruya (Higashiichi-cho)
Nagomiya (Baba-cho)


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