Upcoming Events

Nationwide KIN-1 Grand Prix 2015 – 7th Annual Namegata Goldfish Scooping Festival

When: August 29th, 2015
Where: Kasumigaura Fureai Land (underneath the Rainbow Tower)
1234 Tamatsukurikō, Namegata
(〒311-3512 茨城県行方市 玉造甲1234)
Registration: 8:00~11:00am
Entrance Fee: 100 yen (Goldfish included)


If you’re interested in showing off your goldfish scooping skills, or just want to watch the masters of goldfish scooping battling it out, make sure to come to Kasumigaura Fureai Land on August 29th.  If you’re interested in participating, follow the link below and fill out the entry form. Don’t forget to turn in the form at the event before 11:00am.

Follow the link to the registration form.

Upcoming Events

Ibaraki Botanical Garden Presents Night Garden

When: August 22-23 until 9pm
Where: Ibaraki Botanical Garden (4589 To, Naka)


Ibaraki Botanical Garden will be hosting a Night Garden event on the 22nd and 23rd of August. The NPO Yume Akari will be providing 3500 candles, casting an otherworldly atmosphere over the gardens. Come along to experience the gardens as you’ve never seen them before!

22/23, 6pm onward – Festival Stalls
22/23, 7-8:30pm – Tropical Plant Exhibit Night Tour (sign up at the Tropical Plant Exhibit)
22/23, 6pm onward – Candle Lighting (you can participate too!)
22, 7pm onward – Nature Game (sign up near the ticket booth)
22/23 6:30 – Forest Concert
22, 4pm – Tree Climbing and Chainsaw Demonstration