Upcoming Events

48th Mito Hagi Festival

When: September 1st ~ September 23rd
Where: Kairakuen Park

In 1843, Mito’s 9th feudal lord Tokugawa Nariaki planted hagi (bush clover) that he received from the Date Domain as part of the construction of Kairakuen. Kairakuen’s hagi is mainly Miyagi-no-hagi; there is also white hagi, mountain hagi, round-leaf hagi, and many more, totaling 750 patches that bring the autumn landscape to life. Cited as one of the 7 plants of autumn, hagi was the most often-used plant in the Manyoshu collection of poetry, appearing in 140 poems.


September 6th (Sunday)
10:00am~: Cricket Release
10:00am~3:00pm: Pictures with Mito-chan!
10:00am~3:00pm: Photo shoot

September 12th (Saturday)
6:00pm~8:00pm: String Instrument Concert

September 13th (Sunday)
10:00am~3:00pm: High School Nodate Tea Party
10:00am~3:00pm: Pictures with Mito-chan!
7:00pm~8:30pm: Hagi Festival Komon Food Experience

September 20th (Sunday)
10:00am~3:00pm: Hagi Festival Haiku Competition

September 27th (Sunday) Moon Viewing
3:00pm~8:00pm: Kobuntei Tea Party
3:00pm~8:00pm: Goudou Nodate Tea Party
5:00pm~6:00pm: Song and Noh Recitation
6:30~: Japanese Flute (Shinobue)
7:00~: Horse-Headed Fiddle (Batoukin)
7:30~: Sword Poetry Recitation (Ginei Ken Shibu)
6:00pm~8:00pm: Full Moon Candle Night


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