Upcoming Events

4th Annual Kasama Romance Autumn Pottery Market and Big Band Picnic in Kasama

When: October 9-12
Kasama Romance Autumn Pottery Market: 9am – 9pm
Big Band Picnic in Kasama: 10/11 9:50am – 7:50pm, 10/12 10am – 5:50pm
Where: Kasama Geijutsu no Mori Park (2345 Kasama, Kasama)

This four-day event is an opportunity to rediscover the appeal of handcraft and celebrate the beauty and nostalgia that fills rural areas. The venue will be crowded with 150 stalls displaying Kasama’s local crafts, including Kasama Pottery, Inada Granite, and wooden crafts, as well as stalls selling local cuisine. There will also be workshops where you can try your hand at a variety of crafts. There will also be an evening festival with a live band and a chance for you to relax and enjoy snacks and alcohol served in Kasama Pottery.


October 9 – 12
Workshop Kasama Mura
Kasama Pottery Beer Fair
Improve the Taste of Sake with Kasama Pottery Exhibition
Kasama Kiln Uemon Sale and Performance
Live Band Performances

October 10 -12
Sample the Cuisine of Kasama – 100 person BBQ

October 10
Inada Carnival

October 11
Traditional Games Workshop

October 12
10th Annual Kasama Inari Sushi Contest

Big Band Picnic in Kasama Schedule

October 11
11 – 11:50am Swing 80 Jazz Orchestra
12 – 12:50pm Kind Amigo Orchestra
1 – 1:50pm Tokai Village Ishigami Elementary School Little Blue Stars
2 – 2:50pm Tokai High School East Ocean Jazz Orchestra
3 – 3:50pm Horn Freaks
4 – 4:50pm Jazz Bandits
5 – 5:50pm Starlight Jazz Orchestra
6 – 6:50pm B Train Jazz Orchestra
7 – 7:50pm The Powerhouse
October 12
10 – 10:50am Shimodate Technical High School Plenty Box Jazz Orchestra
11 – 11:50am Castle of Dreams Jazz Orchestra
12 – 12:50pm ABC Orchestra
1 – 1:50pm New Sounds Orchestra
2 – 2:50pm The Footprints
3 – 3:50pm Mito Ladies Big Band by Excel
4 – 4:50pm Mito Yellow-Gates Jazz Orchestra
5 – 5:50pm Big Band Manekineko


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