Upcoming Events

Koga Kanto Domannaka Festival

When: October 10th-11th
Where: Koga Central Exercise Park (2528 Shimoono, Koga)

The city of Koga is located in the center of the Kanto region, leading locals to refer to it as ‘Kanto Domannaka’ (the centre of Kanto) or ‘Kanto no Oheso’ (Kanto’s belly button). The Koga Kanto Domannaka Festival is a celebration of the 10th year anniversary of Koga’s municipality merger with Sowa and Sanwa. The festival will include performances of the Kanto Domannaka Dance, samba dancing, folk entertainment, and a parade of portable shrines and floats. There will also be around 100 stalls selling food, drink, and crafts.


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