Upcoming Events

108th Annual Kasama Chrysanthemum Festival

When: October 17 – November 23
Where: Kasama Inari Shrine, Kasama (1 Kasama, Kasama)

The Kasama Inari Shrine Chrysanthemum Festival began in 1908, when the chief priest at the time put together a gardening department to display chrysanthemum flowers in the grounds to help soothe the hearts of people who had been devastated by war and foster religious faith, with the belief that it would bring people closer to the earth and soothe their hearts.

During the festival approximately 5000 colourful chrysanthemum flowers of a number of varieties will be on display in the grounds of Kasama Inari Shrine.


Chrysanthemum Doll Exhibition – Hana Moyu
When: 8:30am – 4:30pm (Last entry at 4:00pm)
Adults (senior high school and above): 800 yen
Children: 400 yen
(100 yen discount for groups of 20 or more, 200 yen discount for visitors to the Kasama Inari Shrine Art Museum)

Yabusame (November 3rd)

Dedicatory Kasama Jigen-ryu Iai Battoujutsu Performance (November 7th)

Yamato Koryu Dedicatory Ceremony (November 8th)

Bugaku Festival (November 15th)


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