Upcoming Events

42nd Annual Iwai Masakado Festival

When: November 8, 2015, 10am – 4pm
Where: Iwai Shopping District Pedestrian Precinct, Kokuo Shrine


The Masakado Festival is a celebration to revive the valiant figure of Iwai’s local hero, Taira no Masakado, in modern times. The festival takes place each year on the second Sunday of November. It begins with a prayer for victory at Kokuo Shrine. 100 warriors will march in the grounds to the beat of drums played by the Kanda Myojin Shrine Masakado Taiko Troupe and worship at the shrine.

At Iwai Shopping District local junior high school students will give a kyudo (Japanese archery) demonstration, and a parade lead by children with bold armoured warriors and elegant princesses will proceed through the street, followed by a Kanda-bayashi musical accompaniment (Kanda-bayashi has been designated as an Important Intangible Cultural Heritage). At the end of the festival, the Kanda-bayashi floats will compete at the main stage, joined by the Iwai Masakado Kanda Myojin Taiko Troupe.


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