Upcoming Events

Oarai Dance Festival & Anglerfish Festival

This year the Oarai Dance Festival will be held on November 14th, and the Anglerfish Festival on November 15th. At the Dance Festival, there will be a children’s dance contest and stalls selling Oarai’s B Grade gourmet food. At the Anglerfish Festival you can watch a demonstration of the tsurushigiri method of butchering anglerfish, purchase Anglerfish Soup, and much more.

Oarai Dance Festival

When: November 14th, 9am – 4pm
Where: The lawn in front of Oarai Marine Tower, Oarai
Parking: Please use the town-managed parking lot near the Marine Tower

Throughout the day a children’s dancing contest and a variety of other events will be held on stage. Anglerfish Soup will also be on sale, with a portion of the proceeds going to charity, and visitors will have the opportunity to try tarashi-yaki (dipping and frying). Stalls will be set up selling food, drink, and crafts.

Oarai Anglerfish Festival

When: November 15th, 9am – 3pm
Where: The lawn in front of Oarai Marine Tower and the shopping district, Oarai

2000 servings of Anglerfish Soup (100 yen for one bowl, with a portion of the proceeds going to charity) will be on sale at the venue, as well as authentic Anglerfish Hotpot and other local specialties of Oarai.
There will also be a number of performances on stage, including demonstrations of the anglerfish tsurushigiri butchering technique, folk entertainment, an Ultraman X show, the Oarai High School marching band the Blue Hawks, and displays from the image characters from a variety of municipalities.

There will also be a talk show by the cast of the upcoming Girls und Panzer film set in Oarai, which comes to theatres on November 21st, and a Girls und Panzer decorated car contest in the shopping district.

*May be cancelled in poor weather or due to other circumstances
*In order to be environmentally conscious, we encourage you to bring your own chopsticks and containers

Angerfish Tsurushigiri Demonstration: 10am and 1:30pm
Angerfish Soup Sale: from 11am and 1pm


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