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National Anglerfish Summit

When: January 31
Where: Kita-Ibaraki-shi Gyogyo Rekishi Shiryo Kan Yo-soro, Kita-Ibaraki (789 Niida, Sekinami-cho, Kita-Ibaraki)
Access: By Car – 15 minutes from the Kita-Ibaraki IC on the Joban Expressway
By Public Transport – 5 minutes by taxi from Otsuko Station

Anglerfish is a winter specialty on the north-east coast of Japan, most famously in Ibaraki Prefecture. At the National Anglerfish Summit, you can sample anglerfish dishes from all around Japan. The festival will be held in Kita-Ibaraki, the birthplace of anko dobu-jiru, a soup made using many different parts of the anglerfish, including the liver, ovaries, bones, skin, and meat.

This festival is a rare chance to enjoy a winter delicacy cooked in different styles from all around Japan. Don’t miss out!