Upcoming Events

Yaezakura Festival

When: April 16 – May 3
Where: Shizumine Furusato Park, Naka (1720-1 Shizu, Naka, Ibaraki/那珂市静1720-1)


Head to Shizumine Furusato Park in Naka to see the yaezakura, sometimes called double cherry in English. Yaezakura are a variety of cherry blossom with double-layered petals that typically bloom later than other varieties. Shizumine Furusato Park was selected as one of Japan’s top 100 cherry blossom viewing sites, and is famous for its 2000 yaezakura trees. Head to the park to relax among the blossoms in the spring weather.

From April 23 to April 30 from 6 – 9pm there will be illuminations in the evening, transforming the park into magical world. On April 23 – 24 from 10am to 8pm* there will be numerous stalls and stage events.

A shuttle bus will be in operation from Urizura Station on the Suigun Line on April 24 – 25. It will be scheduled to match train arrival times.

*May be cancelled in poor weather


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