Upcoming Events

Kenpoku Art 2016

When: September 17 – November 20
Where: Hitachi, Takahagi, Kitaibaraki, Hitachiota, Hitachiomiya, and Daigo


Kenpoku Art 2016 is a large-scale art festival with the theme ‘Sea, Mountains, Art!’ held over 65 days in the six cities of northern Ibaraki. The event aims to highlight the spirit of innovation that can be found throughout Ibaraki through collaboration between art and science and technology while engaging in a dialogue with the pristine natural environment of Ibaraki’s north. It is a unique celebration of creativity that you simply cannot miss.

On the Kenpoku Art 2016 website you’ll find introductions of the featured artworks and artists, information about the guided tour bus, suggested routes to take through the festival, and more. It will be updated throughout the festival with new information about events, so don’t forget to keep checking back!

Main venues: Izura/Takahagi seaside (around the Tenshin Memorial Museum of Art and coastal Takahagi), Hitachi Station area, Kuji River/Hitachi-Daigo Station area, and the Kujiragaoka area in Hitachiota


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