Ibaraki Prefecture is located north-east of Tokyo on the main island (Honshu) in Japan. Often called ‘Tokyo’s Kitchen’, Ibaraki is Japan’s 2nd largest agricultural producer and 8th largest manufacturing area, despite only being ranked 24th in terms of overall land area. With a population of roughly 3 million people and easy access to Tokyo, Ibaraki is fast becoming an ideal place to live and work.


Boasting not only a long coastline with beautiful beaches and abundant fishing, Ibaraki also has Mt. Tsukuba, a favoured hiking destination, for the best of both land and sea. Centuries of cultural heritage are available to both view and participate in, including temples, festivals, arts, and more. Home not only to the world-famous Hitachi beef, Nest Beer, Yuki Silk, as well as top producer of melons in Japan, there are lots more to sample and enjoy. Thanks to international companies like Hitachi and the recently built Ibaraki International Airport, the future looks bright for both tourism and industry.  Finally, Tokai is home to J-PARC, a high-level proton acceleration research facility, and Tsukuba houses many other scientific institutions that attract top-quality researchers and academics from around the world. But why not come see for yourself?



N.B. CIR: Coordinator for International Relations, a position within the International Affairs Division, providing language and cultural support to both foreign and domestic residents.


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