Oarai Dance Festival & Anglerfish Festival

This year the Oarai Dance Festival will be held on November 14th, and the Anglerfish Festival on November 15th. At the Dance Festival, there will be a children’s dance contest and stalls selling Oarai’s B Grade gourmet food. At the Anglerfish Festival you can watch a demonstration of the tsurushigiri method of butchering anglerfish, purchase Anglerfish Soup, and much more.

Oarai Dance Festival

When: November 14th, 9am – 4pm
Where: The lawn in front of Oarai Marine Tower, Oarai
Parking: Please use the town-managed parking lot near the Marine Tower

Throughout the day a children’s dancing contest and a variety of other events will be held on stage. Anglerfish Soup will also be on sale, with a portion of the proceeds going to charity, and visitors will have the opportunity to try tarashi-yaki (dipping and frying). Stalls will be set up selling food, drink, and crafts.

Oarai Anglerfish Festival

When: November 15th, 9am – 3pm
Where: The lawn in front of Oarai Marine Tower and the shopping district, Oarai

2000 servings of Anglerfish Soup (100 yen for one bowl, with a portion of the proceeds going to charity) will be on sale at the venue, as well as authentic Anglerfish Hotpot and other local specialties of Oarai.
There will also be a number of performances on stage, including demonstrations of the anglerfish tsurushigiri butchering technique, folk entertainment, an Ultraman X show, the Oarai High School marching band the Blue Hawks, and displays from the image characters from a variety of municipalities.

There will also be a talk show by the cast of the upcoming Girls und Panzer film set in Oarai, which comes to theatres on November 21st, and a Girls und Panzer decorated car contest in the shopping district.

*May be cancelled in poor weather or due to other circumstances
*In order to be environmentally conscious, we encourage you to bring your own chopsticks and containers

Angerfish Tsurushigiri Demonstration: 10am and 1:30pm
Angerfish Soup Sale: from 11am and 1pm


Daigo Light – Light and Sound Festival

When: November 1 – February 15
Where: Fukuroda Falls and other locations around Daigo
Cost: Adults 300 yen, Children 150 yen (New Year’s Eve ~ New Year’s Day is free)

Starting November 1 and continuing on Friday to Sunday and holidays* until February 15, Fukuroda Falls will be transformed into a mystical space by the skills of highly acclaimed lighting technicians. The illuminations will commence at sundown and finish around 8pm, except on New Year’s Eve, when the event will continue until 2am. Parking is available on site for a fee and is limited to 900 vehicles. Be careful of ice on the road during the colder months.

Furthermore, from December 1st to January 15th, the Kuji River banks will be illuminated every night from sundown until 10pm.

*Between December 23rd and January 3rd the falls will be illuminated every night

Related Events

Distribution of Onsen Discount Tickets
When: December 1 – February 29
Where: Fukuroda Falls Tunnel Entrance
5000 tickets will be distributed.

Free Okukuji Shamo Hatto-jiru Soup
When: January 9, 4pm~
Where: Daigo Fukuroda Waterfall Viewing Bridge Area
Enough for 700 people – first come first served.

Fukuroda Ice Garden
When: January onward
Where: Fukuroda Falls Area
The freezing of the falls depends on the weather.

13th Annual Mt. Tsukuba Momiji Festival

When: November 1 – 30
Where: Mt. Tsukuba, Tsukuba

From the end of October, beginning at the summit (877m), the leaves of the trees on Mt. Tsukuba gradually change colour. During the recommended viewing period (early to mid-November, the mountain receives many visitors.


Taiko Performance by Taiko Group Sai
When: November 1, 1pm~
Where: Mt. Tsukuba Summit Cable Car Station Observation Deck

Fossil Excavation Experience
When: November 1, 1pm~
Where: Mt. Tsukuba Summit Cable Car Station Observation Deck
Cost: 500 yen

Mochi Pounding Festival
When: November 7
Where: Nyotai-san Ropeway Station Observation Deck
Free freshly-pounded mochi. First come first served.

Mt. Tsukuba Gama no Abura-uri Show
When: November 7
Where: Nyotai-san Ropeway Station Observation Deck

Free Gift for Cable Car and Ropeway Passengers
When: November 13
Where: Miyawaki Cable Car Station, Tsutsujigaoka Ropeway Station
For the first 100 elementary school students at each station.

Free Mt. Tsukuba Specialty Fukure Mandarin Chili Pork Soup
When: November 14-15, 11am~
Where: Mt Tsukuba Omotenashi Kan
For the first 100 people. Fukure Mandarin products will also be on sale.

Make a Ball Point Pen Using a Branch from a Plum Blossom Tree
When: November 14 – 15, 11am~
Where: Forest Adventure Tsukuba
Cost: 200 yen

Autumn Appreciation Festival Free Gift for Cable Car and Ropeway Passengers
When: November 28, 11am~
Where: Miyawaki Cable Car Station, Tsutsujigaoka Ropeway Station
For the first 50 passengers at each station.

Mt. Tsukuba Gama no Abura-uri Show
When: November 28
Where: Mt. Tsukuba Summit Cable Car Station Observation Deck

27th Ryujin Gorge Autumn Foliage Festival (Breathtaking Autumn Foliage & Fresh Soba Fair)

When:    November 1st (Sunday) ~ November 30th (Monday)
Time:      8:30am ~ 5:00pm
Where:   Ryujin Big Suspension Bridge, Hitachiota
————2133-6 Keganocho, Hitachiota, Ibaraki 313-0351
————〒313-0351 茨城県常陸太田市天下野町2133-6

27th Ryujin Gorge Autumn Foliage Festival

Admission Fee:
——————Individuals           Group of 30+
Adults:             310 yen                  280 yen
Children:         210 yen                  190 yen
Free admission on November 13th!

Soba, udon, konjac, locally grown vegetables, and grilled salted fish.
Hitachiota is known as the birthplace of Hitachi Aki Soba (Japan’s best buckwheat).  You can enjoy fresh Hitachi Aki Soba at local stores. (However, available date of Hitachi Aki Soba varies by stores.)

Would you like to make soba using fresh Hitachi Aki Soba?
First-timers are welcome!
Date:       November 14th (Saturday)
Time:      10:00am ~ 3:00pm (Registration begins at 9:00am)
Where:    Soba House Rutin (そばハウス龍亭) (TEL: 0294-87-0333)
Price:      1,500 yen per person

Autumn Foliage Festival Stamp Rally
During the Autumn Foliage Festival, Suifu District will have 3 stamps from 3 different checkpoints.  Collect them and 20 applicants chosen at random will win a prize worth 3000 yen!

Mini Live Concert by Isoyama Jun
Date:       November 28th (Saturday)
Time:      11:00am~, 1:30pm~
Where:    Ryujin Big Suspension Bridge #1 Parking Lot

Satomi Autumn Flavour Festival

When: October 31 – November 1, 9am – 3:30pm
Where: Satomi Fureai Kan Event Square, Hitachiota


Enjoy the delicious foods of autumn at the Satomi Autumn Flavour Festival.


Both Days
53rd Specialty Product Exhibition and Sale
Soba Corner (Handmade soba demonstration and sale)
Satomi Milk Corner
Shooting Gallery
Pizza Corner
Delicious Satomi Rice Corner
Yakiniku Corner
Satomi Coffee

October 31 (Saturday)
1000 Person Nabe
Autumn Performing Arts Exhibition
-Satomi Poetry Society
-Satomi Karaoke Association
-Satomi Kasui Group (Yosakoi)
-Satomi Taiko Drums
-Satomi Day Care and Kindergarten
-Satomi Junior High School
Scarecrow Award Ceremony (from 1pm)
Kami-shibai (picture show) (from 2pm)
Aju World (from 2:30pm)

November 1 (Sunday)
Song and Performance Show (10:30am – 3pm)

108th Annual Kasama Chrysanthemum Festival

When: October 17 – November 23
Where: Kasama Inari Shrine, Kasama (1 Kasama, Kasama)

The Kasama Inari Shrine Chrysanthemum Festival began in 1908, when the chief priest at the time put together a gardening department to display chrysanthemum flowers in the grounds to help soothe the hearts of people who had been devastated by war and foster religious faith, with the belief that it would bring people closer to the earth and soothe their hearts.

During the festival approximately 5000 colourful chrysanthemum flowers of a number of varieties will be on display in the grounds of Kasama Inari Shrine.


Chrysanthemum Doll Exhibition – Hana Moyu
When: 8:30am – 4:30pm (Last entry at 4:00pm)
Adults (senior high school and above): 800 yen
Children: 400 yen
(100 yen discount for groups of 20 or more, 200 yen discount for visitors to the Kasama Inari Shrine Art Museum)

Yabusame (November 3rd)

Dedicatory Kasama Jigen-ryu Iai Battoujutsu Performance (November 7th)

Yamato Koryu Dedicatory Ceremony (November 8th)

Bugaku Festival (November 15th)