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28th Annual Ryujin Gorge Carp Streamer Festival

When: April 29th (Sat.) to May 14th (Sun.)
Where: Ryujin Big Suspension Bridge
2133-6 Keganochō, Hitachiōta-shi, Ibaraki-ken 313-0351

Surrounded by dazzling green trees and with Ryujin Big Suspension Bridge in the center, about 1,000 carp streamers.

Price to cross the bridge:
Individual: ¥310 for adults, ¥210 for Elementary and Middle School Kids
Group of 30 people and up: ¥280 for adults, ¥190 for Elemetary and Middle School Kids
Free for elementary school kids on Children’s Day. (May 5th, Fri.)

By Car: About 40 minutes from the Hitachi Minami Ota IC and Naka IC of the Joban Expressway.
By Train: About 40 minutes by bus from Hitachi-Ota Station on the JR Suigun Line. Get off the bus at Ryujin Big Suspension Bridge Bus Stop (Ryujinotsuribashi).


Upcoming Events

9th Annual Koi-nobori Project in Okazeki

When: April 29 – May 5, 9am onward
Where: On the banks of the Kokaigawa River in Okazeki, Toride

Many koi-nobori (carp streamers associated with Children’s Day) will be on display along the Kokaigawa River in the Okazeki area. This year in addition to the usual attractions, there will be a koi-nobori making workshop for kids (free of charge!) and some Mongolian performances. Check out the PR video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BVRUgys8kyg&feature=youtu.be


April 29: Rinzo Taiko Performance, Opening Ceremony, Daichi no Odori (dance by Futaba Bunka Kindergarten), Hula Dancing, Old-time Favourite Songs, Morin Khuur (traditional Mongolian instrument) Performance, Mongolian Sumo
May 3: Maiko Taiko Performance, Nankin Tamasudare (traditional street performance), Dance Studio Az, performances by bands, Ukulele Performance
May 4: Original Parasol Workshop (300 yen), Okinawa Sanshin Performance, Ventures Meet
May 5: Performances by bands, Moonwalker (Michael Jackson Dance)

Upcoming Events

Ryujin Suspension Bridge Koi-nobori Festival

When: April 26 – May 18
Where: Ryujin Suspension Bridge, Hitachiota


Koi-nobori are carp shaped streamers associated with Children’s Day (May 5). During the festival 1000 koi-nobori will be decorate the bridge, local specialties and wild vegetables will be on display and available for purchase, and there will be a photo contest. On May 5 elementary school children and younger can cross the bridge for free.