16th Annual I Love Ibaraki Fureai Festival

When: 10am – 4:30pm, April 8th 2017
Where: The Former Prefectural Office Building (Sannomaru Chousha) (1-5-48 Sannomaru, Mito)
Access: 15 minutes’ walk from Mito Station


The I Love Ibaraki Fureai Festival is a chance for Ibarakians to celebrate local food and culture under the cherry blossoms that bloom around the old castle moat in Sannomaru. The festival will include stalls selling local specialties from around Ibaraki, a bazaar, stage performances, a walking tour around Sannomaru, a stamp rally, and the chance to decorate an old bus with graffiti!

Stage Events

10:00 Blue Beginners (Mito Technical High School Jazz Band)
12:00 Blue Hawks (Oarai High School Marching Band)
13:00 Sannomaru Elementary School Brass Band

2014 Cherry Blossom Festivals

Hanami season has arrived! Make sure you get to at least one of these events to appreciate the beauty of the cherry blossoms!

25th Annual Kamisu Cherry Blossom Festival

When: April 1 – 15
Where: Gonoike Park, Kamisu City

Head to Gonoike Park to enjoy the cherry blossoms. There will be lanterns in the evening from 6-10pm, allowing you to see the cherry blossoms in a different light. On April 5-6 there will be play equipment set up for kids to play on, and on April 6 there will be a Yosakoi performance.

52nd Annual Hitachi Cherry Blossom Festival

When: April 1 – 20
Where: Heiwa doori/Kamine Park/Juuou Panorama Park, Hitachi City

Heiwa doori: 6 – 11pm
Kamine Park: 6 – 9:30pm
Juuou Panorama Park: Evening – 9pm

Events on Heiwa doori:
April 5 – Hitachi Furyumono (1, 4, 7pm), Taiko Performance, Independent Participants, Hitachi Dance Festival
April 6 – Hitachi Furyumono (1, 3pm), Mikoshi Parade, Taiko Performance, Independent Participants, Hitachi Dance Festival, Cherry Blossom Road Race
April 13 – Hitachi Style in Cherry Blossom Festival (Gourmet Event)

5th Annual Tatsunokuchi Cherry Blossom Festival

When: April 3 – 13
Where: Tatsunokuchi Shinsui Park, Hitachiomiya City

Enjoy 1.3km of Japanese lanterns among the cherry blossoms. They will be lit in the evening.

Illuminations: Sunset – 9pm

April 12 – Fireworks Display (7-7:30pm)

Illuminations will be cancelled if it rains. The fireworks display will occur the following day if it rains.

Fukuoka Dam Cherry Blossom Festival

When: April 4 – 8
Where: Fukuoka Dam Sakura Park, Tsukuba Mirai City

Walk along 1.8km of 550 cherry blossom trees lining the Kokaigawa River.

April 5-6, 10am – 3pm, Sakura Namiki Chuo Park
Live performances from local stars, Yosakoi performances, amateur performances, and stalls selling food, drink, and local products.

Hitachiota Cherry Blossom Festival

When: April 4 – 13
Where: Nishiyama Park, Hitachiota
Illuminations: Sunset – 9pm

Enjoy 1500 cherry blossom trees in full bloom in Nishiyama Park

43rd Annual Shimotsuma Sanuma Marsh Cherry Blossom Festival

When: April 6, 9:30am onwards
Where: Sanuma Marsh, Shimotsuma

This one day festival is packed with attractions, from stalls selling food, drink, and local products to karaoke, a bingo contest, kids’ races, Taiko performances, and much, much more. Enjoy lanterns until 10pm and illuminations until 9pm during the evening while the cherry blossoms are in bloom.