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2013 Shimodate Gion Festival

Dates and locations :

July 25th, 6pm – 10pm, Shimodate Station North Exit, and South Area (6:30-7:30pm)

July 26th, 6pm – 10pm, Shimodate Station North Exit

July 27th, 6pm – 10pm, Shimodate Station North Exit

July 28th, 6am – 9am, Kanai-cho Gogyo River bank

Chikusei’s biggest summer festival, with portable shrines carried by both men and women and the portable shrine river-crossing as the grand finale!

This festival features the Meiji Portable Shrine, built in 1895 to celebrate the end of the war with the Qing Dynasty, the Princess Portable Shrine, built for local deity Princess Tamai, and Japan’s largest portable shrine, the Heisei Portable Shrine. There will also be over 30 children’s portable shrines also wandering around the city, making for quite a visual feast.

In the early morning of the last day the shrines will be purified of all the pollution collected during the festival via the ‘river-crossing tradition’ held in the Gogyo River that runs through the city.gion2013