Upcoming Events

32nd Annual Ushiku Kappa Festival

Date: July 27th and 28th, 3pm – 9:30pm

Location: Ushiku

Ushiku’s familiar blend of traditional dance and modern entertainment is back again this year, and promises to be quite a sight to see. In addition to the parade and dance performances, there is also a main stage with special guests and a live music stage packed with local bands.

Live Stage Schedule:


3pm – QUESTION!, 3:30pm – 840, 4pm – HATTIN, 4:30pm – sugarDaddy, 5pm – MINT, 5:30 – Higher Ground, 6pm – Go-Yah!, 6:30pm – Inaba, 7pm – BASTOS


3pm – Nitta Band, 3:30pm – MMS Band, 4pm – Limit Crush!!, 4:30pm – Solid29, 5pm – Mile stone, 5:30pm – The Hoochie Coochies, 6pm – MASH, 6:30pm – JAPINA ROCKING, 7pm – Folky na Sekai


Music Parade:

On both days starting at 3pm local elementary school students will be performing in the parade, 8 schools total over the course of the festival.

The rest of the parade comprises Ibaraki’s traditional Yosakoi and other festival dances, with thousands of participants stretching all the way down Hanamizuki Street.


Main Stage Schedule:

27th 3pm – Time and Space Warrior Ibaliger

A hero who moves through time and space to rescue the desolated future and protect Ibaraki from the evil Jaaku military group which thrives on the hatred, anger, and greed of human hearts. Ibaliger is equipped with an ‘expo dynamo’ that changes proper emotions such as love, kindness, happiness, hope, and thoughtfulness into power, so the more you support him the better he fights!

7:30pm – Celebrity Impersonations

Nakajima Mari and Danzy will be showing off their vast repertoire of celebrity impressions to awe and amuse the audience. They even have costumes for each one!

28th 7pm – Japanese Song Performance

Nishikawa Hitomi will sing her hits and most recent songs, covering a range of traditional Japanese ballads.

7:30pm – Ono Masatoshi

Active in the Japanese music industry for over 20 years and boasting of a voice that spans 4 octaves, Ono Masatoshi’s songs have been chosen as the theme song for television dramas and anime shows alike.


Free shuttle buses will be running from both Ushiku Station and Hitachino-Ushiku Station through the major areas. The area around the festival will be closed to cars for the duration of the festival, so please make use of the buses.