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Nemophila Harmony

When: 9:30am – 5pm, April 22 – May 14 (7:30am – 5pm from April 29 – May 8)
Where: Hitachi Seaside Park (605-4 Onuma, Mawatari, Hitachinaka)


Spring is in full swing at Hitachi Seaside Park! Until April 21st, you can visit to see the tulips. Then, from April 22nd to May 14th, you can see the park’s famous nemophila flowers (also known as baby blue-eyes) covering 3.5 hectares on Miharashi Hill, creating an ethereal panorama of blue sky, blue sea, and blue flowers.

Nemophila are annuals that bloom from April to May. The nemophila used in Hitachi Seaside Park are of the Insignis Blue variety. Whilst they are in bloom until mid-May, after they blossom they begin to pale, so the best time to see them is during Golden Week.

Every year tens of thousands of people visit Hitachi Seaside Park to admire this rare sight. If there’s one thing you should see while you are in Ibaraki, it’s this!


Adults (15+) – 410 yen
Seniors (65+) – 210 yen
Children (Elementary and Junior High School) – 80 yen
Infants (Under 6) – Free
*Free admission for elementary and junior high schoolers on May 5 and everyone on May 14

20 minutes by foot from Ajigaura Station on the Hitachinaka Seaside Railway or 15 minutes by bus from JR Katsuta Station

Upcoming Events

Kochia Carnival!

Kochia Carnival!
When:    September 19th (Saturday) ~ October 18th (Sunday)
Where:    Hitachinaka, Hitachi Seaside Park
605-4 Mawatari Aza Onuma, Hitachinaka-shi, Ibaraki-ken

Autumn, the season when Kochia changes its color to red.
When autumn begins, kochia transform Miharashi Hill from green to sea of red.  At the bottom of the hill, cosmos sway with the autumn wind, so come enjoy the magnificent view at Hitachi Seaside Park.

Growing diligently under the hot summer heat, kochia changes its color to bright red when it starts to feel the gentle breeze of autumn.  Now, the fun of Kochia Carnival is about to begin!  During this carnival, there will be various events for you to experience.

Admission is free on October 4th & October 18th!

Dates:                  September 19th (Saturday) ~ October 18th (Sunday)
Place:                   Hitachi Seaside Park
Hours:                   9:30am ~ 5:00pm, Closed    Mondays
Admission Fee:    Adult: ¥420  Senior Citizens: ¥210  Child: ¥80
Parking:    Bus:    ¥1,550  Car: ¥510  2-Wheel Vehicles: ¥60

Direction    By car: Via Kitakanto Motorway Hitachinaka IC, 1km from Hitachinaka Toll Road Hitachi Seaside Park IC

By Train: JR Joban Line “Katsuta Station”, then 15 minutes by bus
Contact    Hitachi Seaside Park, Hitachi Park Management Center
TEL: 029-265-9001

Upcoming Events

Places to See Before You Die – Hitachi Seaside Park in Nemophila Season

When: April 25 – May 17
Where: Hitachi Seaside Park (605-4 Mawatari Aza Onuma , Hitachinaka, Ibaraki)

Spring is in full swing at Hitachi Seaside Park! Until April 24th, you can visit to see the tulips. Then, from April 25 to May 17, you can see the park’s famous Nemophila flowers (also known as baby blue-eyes) covering 3.5 hectares on Miharashi Hill, creating an ethereal panorama of blue sky, blue sea, and blue flowers.

Nemophila are annuals that bloom from April to May. The Nemophila used in Hitachi Seaside Park are of the Insignis blue variety. Whilst they are in bloom until mid-May, after they blossom they begin to pale, so the best time to see them is during Golden Week.

Every year tens of thousands of people visit Hitachi Seaside Park to admire this rare sight. If there’s one thing you should see while you are in Ibaraki, it’s this!


Flower Stamp Rally
Until May 17, you can pick up a stamp card at the gates or the Terrace House and collect flower stamps from various locations around the park.

Fish and Flowers
On May 16 and 17, you can see a variety of colourful tropical fish from Aqua World in Oarai in the Terrace House.


Opening Hours
9:30am – 5pm (7:30am – 5pm from April 29 – May 6)
Adults (15+) – 410 yen
Seniors (65+) – 210 yen
Children (Elementary and Junior High School) – 80 yen
Infants (Under 6) – Free
*Free admission for elementary and junior high schoolers on May 5 and everyone on May 17

Public Transport – 15 minutes by taxi or bus from JR Katsuta Station East Exit
By Car – 15km from the Hitachi Minami Ota IC on the Joban Expressway, 1km from the Hitachi Kaihin Koen IC on the Hitachi Naka Toll Road (accessible via the Kita-Kanto Expressway)

One Day in Ibaraki

Hitachi Seaside Park

Hitachi Seaside Park is a government run garden and amusement park located along the coast in Hitachinaka, Ibaraki that has enough beauty and scenery to enjoy at any time of the year.

West Entrance

Before opening as a park in 1991, the land where Hitachi Seaside Park is currently located had been used for a variety of reasons, and has changed hands many times over the past 80 years or so. Starting in 1938, the Mito Army Flight School was located at the sight, and many Japanese pilots were trained there during WWII. After losing the war, the land was confiscated by the United States Army in 1946, and was used as an U.S. Army firing range until 1971 when training operations were ceased. During that time, many local residents were displeased with having the firing range there, and there was even an accident in 1949 where a local was killed due to a misfire. Finally, on March 15th, 1973, the entire area was returned to the Japanese Government, and the plans to develop the area into the park it is today began.

Currently, Hitachi Seaside Park is made up of seven different areas covering a total of 190 ha (470 acres, 2 sq km). Each area has a specific theme, and different types of plants and flowers can be seen. One of the areas, named the Pleasure Garden, even consists of an amusement park where nearly 30 different attractions, including a giant Farris wheel, can be enjoyed. The park also is home to an 11km long bike path (rental bikes available!) that winds its way through all seven areas, so you can enjoy the wonderful scenery without having to wear out your legs by walking around the enormous park.

HSP Farris wheel

Merry Go Round

With a vast variety of flowers that bloom at various times of the year, there is almost no point during the year where there isn’t something to see at the park. In the spring there are tulips, nemophila (baby blue-eyes), and rapeseed blossoms. In summer there are poppies, linaria, zinnia, sunflowers, and green kochia. In the fall, the kochia slowly turn red, and there are cosmos and Hitachi fall buckwheat flowers. In winter, ice tulips (tulips that bloom with snow on the ground) and daffodils can been enjoyed. Finally, an array of natural wild flowers and grasses can be seen and various points all year round.

Cosmos 1


Tamago no mori

By far, the most popular flowers are the nemophila flowers in spring and kochia in the fall. Both are planted across an area called Miharashi Hill, which is also home to two traditional Japanese houses, one from the mid 1600’s and one from 1706, relocated from different parts of Japan. During the nemophila season (between late April and mid-May), nearly 4.5 million blossoms can be seen. Dyeing the entire hill a vivid blue, the sky and nemophila flowers create an ocean of blue as far as the eyes can see. It truly is a breathtaking sight.

Nemophila 1

Nemophila 2

Traditional Japanese Houses

Nearly 32,000 green kochia (also called “broom-grass” in Japanese, as they can be dried and made into brooms) are planted as seedlings by hand at the beginning of July. As the plants grow, the space between them shrinks and the entire hill takes the form of a fluffy green cloud. As fall progresses, the green kochia slowly turn a deep red. (Since the park mainly consists of evergreen trees, it is said they started planting kochia so that visitors can truly experience all four seasons.)

Kochia 1

Kochia 2

Red Kochia

Next to the hill, nearly 2 million cosmos bloom in shades of pink, red, and white in order to further accent the red kochia. The guide said that the ratio of pink, red, and white is the park’s own special blend with a higher percentage of pink flowers in order to better match the kochia. Also, in the area in front of the traditional Japanese houses, nearly 1.5 million white Hitachi fall buckwheat flowers bloom. Many visitors try their best to angle their cameras to capture all three areas in one shot. After the kochia dry out the park cuts them, and visitors can try their hand at making kochia brooms as well. The cut kochia are also used in the park’s yearly giant zodiac drawing which is usually on display until early January. (The fluffy kochia are a perfect match for 2015, which is the year of the sheep!)

Cosmos 2

Kochia brooms

Giant Sheep 2015

To go along with the nemophila and kochia seasons, the park has created various treats only available during each season. Some of the treats include nemophila ice cream, kochia ice cream, nemophila curry, and kochia curry. The bright red and blue curries are quite the sight, but the park guide assured us that the flavor is none other than a delicious curry. I definitely recommend them to anyone who is interested in trying strange looking dishes!!Kochia Ice Cream Nemophila Curry Kochia CurrySo if you are looking for a nice place to take your family or simply looking for a place to stretch your legs and take in some beautiful nature, Hitachi Seaside Park is a must see in Ibaraki!

Address: 605-4 Onuma-Aza, Mawatari, Hitachinaka, Ibaraki 312-0012

Tel: 029-265-9001

For admission fees, park hours, and days closed, please check Hitachi Seaside Park’s English homepage here.

Upcoming Events

Rock in Japan Festival 2013

Dates : August 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, 8am to 8:30pm (will not be cancelled for rain)

Location: Hitachi Seaside Park


This is one of the biggest music festivals in Japan and attracts people from all over every year to see some of the nation’s most famous artists. Advance ticket draws are always overloaded with entries and regular tickets sell out fast, so if you want to get in on this festival you’re going to have to be quick!

Regular tickets go on sale July 13th at 10am and can be bought via:

Lawson Tickets – First Day Hotline 0570-00-5569 (only July 13th from 10am – 6pm)

From 6pm onward 0570-084-003, L-code 76435

Loppi and web reservations cannot be made until July 14th

Ticket Pia – First Day Hotline 0570-02-4420 (only July 13th from 10am – 11:30pm)

From July 14th onward 0570-02-9999, P-code 206-312

Cannot be bought online or in stores until July 14th

E-plus – http://eplus.jp/rij2013/ Cannot be bought in Family Mart stores until July 14th

Tickets are 11500yen per day, and can only be bought for each individual day (no 3-day passes)


2013 Line-Up

August 2nd:

Inoran   Okamoto’s   Kyari Pamyu Pamyu   Good Morning America    coldrain   Sakanaction    Zazen Boys   Shishido Kafka     [Champagne]    Straightener

Soil & “Pimp” Sessions   Tankobuchin    Tokumarshugo    Dr. Downer    Totalfat

Nakada Yuji    Niiyama Shiori   Negoto   Noise and Milk    Husking Bee

Hata Motohiro    back number   The Back Horn   Puffy   Bigmama     Fukurozu

Fuji Fabric    Flower Flower    The Flickers     Hey-Smith

Maximum The Hormone       Merengue    Mowmow Lulu Gyaban    Mongol800

Unison Square Garden     Last Alliance     Rip Slyme    Rottengraffty     Wasurerannee yo      One Ok Rock     DJ Booth    Charisma.com

Kawakami Yohei ([Champagne])      kz (livetune)     CTS     Sky-Hi     Nishimura Michio (Parade)      Passpo    BiS    Bunta&Kuboty (Totalfat)

Maeda Hiroaki (puke!)     Ram Rider feat. Tempura Kidz     LinQ


August 3rd:

Akai Koen     Asian Kung-Fu Generation     Applicat Spectra   androp   Ieiri Leo

Uchu Mao    Overground Acoustic Underground “5”     Kato Miliya     capsule

9mm Parabellum Bullet     Kinniku Shojo-tai      Good4Nothing      Creep Hype

Samezame     Sayonara, mata kondo ne       the chef cooks me       J

cinema staff      Shinku Hollow      Special Others       Takahashi Yu

Nothing’s Carved in Stone       Nico Touches the Walls       The Novembers

Buzz the Bears    Passe Pied      Back Drop Bomb      Hello Sleepwalkers

Bump of Chicken       Hirai Ken      Hilcrhyme      a flood of circle

Base Ball Bear     PES      Polysics      White Ash      Magokoro Brothers

Yamazaki Masayoshi       lecca       Low IQ 01 & The Rythm Makers a

DJ Booth     Hasta la Vista     Up Up Girlz     Elixia      Endo Takayuki (Freak Affair)      Kurika Maki    sasakure.UK      SALU      SHUN

DJ Yatsui Ichiro (Electric Comic)     Denpa-gumi.inc     Hayashi Hiroyuki (Polysics)

Maeda Hiroaki (puke!)


August 4th:

avengers in sci-fi     Anzen Chitai     Ando Yuko     Ohashi Trio    Okuda Tamio

Orange Range     Kana-Boon      Kinoko Hotel      Group Tamashi    Kururi

Kreva     Kobayashi Taro      Sakanamon     Sakamoto Maaya      CNBLUE

Scandal       Scott & Rivers        The Starbems     TK from Rin to shite Shigure

10-Feet    Tokyo Karan Koron      DOES     Tortoise Matsumoto     Dragon Ash

tricot   Dress Codes    NUBO   the Hiatus      The Birthday        Perfume

the band apart       Flower Companies      Predawn    plenty     My First Story

The Mirraz      Miyavi      miwa     Rihwa      luki     DJ Booth

Endo Takayuki (Freak Affair)       DJ Dienoji

DJ’Tekina//something a.k.a. Yuyoyuppe       9nine    Nakagawa Shoko

Nishimura Michio (Parade)       HachiojiP      Piere Nakano (Rin to shite Shigure)

Page      Babymetal     UL


Upcoming Events

2013 Ibaraki Festival

Date: July 20th, 9:30am – 8:30pm

Location: Hitachi Seaside Park (near the Water Stage)

This festival combines food, fireworks, and fantastic performances to help promote Ibaraki’s earthquake recovery efforts and engagement within both the local and international communities.

The main stage features the Ibaraki Gourmet Festival, with dozens of popular brands and local delicacies for sale. In addition, Ibaraki’s famous produce is also up for grabs, including the nation’s largest harvest of melons!

While you’re feasting on these tasty offerings you can enjoy the original sounds of the Teens Rock Asia 2013 stage, where carefully selected youth bands from Japan, China, and Korea will be competing to be this year’s winner. This could be your chance to get to know an up and coming artist before they make it big!

And a summer festival isn’t complete without some spectacular fireworks, which is why Nomura Fireworks, Japan’s best, will be providing Ibaraki prefecture’s biggest fireworks show of the summer! There will also be performances by Generations (Exile Tribe), Miz, and Breathe, and Nakagawa Shoko will be making an appearance as well.

For kids the ever popular Dino-ranger Electro-Beast Squad will be on hand (think Power Rangers 2013) and there will be free performances from various kids’ dance groups (with a focus on hip hop).

This is an event you won’t want to miss, make sure to buy your tickets before they sell out!

Tickets are available from the Ibaraki Prefectural Government or through Lawson (ticket code 32300). Arena – 5000yen, S – 4000yen, Fireworks – 2500yen, Fireworks (children 6-12) – 1000yen (it may not be possible to see the stage with fireworks seating).


Upcoming Events

Come, See, and Touch at the Kochia Carnival!

Date: September 15th – October 21st, 2012

Location: Hitachi Seaside Park (Hitachinaka City)

Admission: Adults \400, Children (15 and younger) \80

Free admission October 7th and 21st!

From September 15th until October 21st, Hitachi Seaside Park is holding the “Kochia Carnival,” where visitors can see over 36,000 kochia bushes, as well as over 4 million cosmos flowers!! Inside the park on “Miharashi Hill”, you can see the kochia changing to fall colors, as well as a wide field of cosmos flowers. It’s a view of fall you can only see here at Hitachi Seaside Park! Around mid-October, the pure-red kochia and cosmos flowers create a stunning view that you can’t miss.

Also, during this period of time, there are plenty events with greenery, flowers, and art as their themes inside the park. There will also be vendors that sell local Ibaraki produce and products, as well as fall sweets that are sure to make the perfect souvenir for anyone!

<Events Inside the Park>

■     Happiness to Japan! March of the Kochia*

You can turn the kochia into a marching band by dressing each one up! Through collaboration with an event at Hibiya Park in Tokyo, we will also gather grape hyacinths and sunflower seeds to send to those affected by the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake.

Dates: September 15th – October 21st    10:00-16:30

Location: Near the Terrace House

■     Kochia Quiz Rally*

While walking around Miharashi Hill, you can answer quiz questions. Those who correctly complete the entire quiz will be able to choose a wonderful present!

Dates: September 15th – October 21st     9:30-17:00

Location: Near Miharashi Hill

■     Aquarium in the Park!

Aquaworld will be bringing colorful tropical fish to the park.

Dates: September 15th – October 21st   9:30-17:00

Location: Terrace House

■     Photo Partner-Photo Gallery “Fall”*

Pictures that the volunteer group “Photo Partner” has taken throughout the park will be on display for all to see.

Dates: September 15th – October 21st    9:30-17:00

Location: Terrace House

■     Ibaraki Tasty Foods Place!

Come taste the delicious foods of fall, from the bounties of the earth to the happiness of the sea! Some famous dishes you will be able to enjoy include roasted ham and shirasu rice.

Selling dates: September 15th – October 21st

Selling location: Miharashi Square, Miharashi Village


* = no participation fee!