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Higashiyama Kaii Toshodaiji Temple Mieido Wall Painting Exhibition

When: 9:30am – 5pm (last entry 4:30pm) February 11th – April 2nd, 2017
Where: The Museum of Modern Art, Ibaraki (666-1 Higashikubo, Senbacho, Mito, Ibaraki Prefecture 310-0851)
Access: 20 minutes’ walk from Mito Station, or 5 minutes by bus (take any bus from bus stop no.8 headed for Haraizawa (払沢) or Hongo (本郷) and get off at Bunka Center Iriguchi (文化センター入口). It is 5 minutes’ walk from there)

Toshidaiji Temple Mieido Wall Painting  ‘Tosei’ (section) 1975 Property of Toshodaiji Temple

This exhibition is a rare opportunity to see a full view display of the wall paintings from the Mieido in Toshodaiji temple, which are usually not on display to the public.

Higashiyama Kaii (1908 – 1999) is one of Japan’s most celebrated artists from the postwar period. He is known for the deep spirituality found in his clear-cut artwork and for the rich expression in his landscapes.

The 68 panel wall paintings of Toshodaiji Temple took the artist 10 years to complete. In order to honour Jianzhen, the founder of the temple who overcame great difficulty to reach Japan from China, Higashiyama travelled around both China and Japan, sketching and planning the paintings. The first section of paintings was dedicated in 1975 and depicts the rich natural environment of Japan, while the second section, dedicated in 1980, depicts Jianzhen’s homeland China.

Sketches, drafts, and experimental works by Higashiyama will also be on display.


Upcoming Events

Tsukuba University Plastic Arts & Mixed Media Exhibition

When: November 3 – January 29
Where: The Museum of Modern Art, Ibaraki (666-1 Higashikubo, Senba-cho, Mito)
Museum Hours: 9:30am – 5pm (last entry 4:30pm). Closed on Mondays and from December 29 – January 1st. Open on Monday January 2nd and 9th and closed on Tuesday January 3rd and 10th.
Admission: Adults 980 yen, High School and University Students 720 yen, Elementary and Junior High School Students 360 yen

明和電機「ナポレオン銃」2015年©YOHEI SHIMADA


寺田真由美「curtain 010416a」2001年 BASE GALLERY 蔵



At this unique exhibition, works that defy what we think of art by graduates of Tsukuba University’s Plastic Arts & Mixed Media program will be on display, and a number of artists, including former instructors from the Plastic Arts & Mixed Media program will be giving lectures and running workshops.

See the website (Japanese only) for more details about events during the exhibition.


Upcoming Events

Suda Kunitaro, A Retrospective on the 50th Anniversary of his death, ‘Shadow and Radiance’

Period: July 21st to August 26th

Location: Museum of Modern Art, Ibaraki

Suda Kunitaro (1891-1961) majored in art history at Kyoto Teikoku University, while also studying drawing at the Kansai Art Institute. Later he studied in Spain and copied the post-Renaissance traditional paintings at places such as the Plado Museum, as well as visiting both historical and contemporary art museums around Europe.

Suda compared the pieces produced by Japanese painters who had absorbed the latest art in Paris as ‘cut flowers’, whereas he focused on the history and techniques of Western painting, the ‘roots’ and ‘stem’ as opposed to just the flower. His goal was that these should take root in Japan and bring about a uniquely Japanese style of oil painting.

What he ultimately achieved was a unique style using black as a base for rich, thick colors. We have attempted to express the way the profound shadows of his pieces seem to give off an unseen light from their depths by using the phrase ‘Shadows and Radiance’ for this exhibition. Suda’s unfailingly inquisitive mind and Japanese sense of emotion and aesthetics that ooze from his works seems to resonate within our hearts anew in this day and age.

Through the 120 of his main pieces showcased in this exhibition we will reflect on the profound artistic world of Suda Kunitaro.


Related Events:

Art Lecture – ‘Personal Expression in a Time of War, the Reality Seen in the Shadows’

Date: August 5th, 1:30pm

Instructor: Ozaki Masato, Head Curator of Kyoto City Museum

Location: Ground floor auditorium (free, limit 250 people)


Curator Talk

Date: August 11th, 1pm

Location: 2nd Floor Exhibition Hall (*ticket purchase required)


Art Lecture by the Curator

‘Reflecting on Suda Kunitaro and Modern Painting’

Date: August 19th, 1pm

Location: Ground floor auditorium (free, limit 250 people)


Children’s Open Workshop

Date: July 21st, 22nd, 28th, 29th, from 10am to noon and 1:30 to 3:30pm

Location: Ground floor lecture room


Museum Concert – ‘The World of Baroque Music, Recorder Master Eva Legene and Friends’

Date: August 3rd, doors open 6pm, curtain up at 6:30pm

Performers: Eva Legene (recorder), Maki Masayuki (harpsichord), Muraishi Tatsuya (violin), Miyazawa Hitoshi (cello)

Location: 1st floor entrance hall (free, limit 200 people, must register in advance by return postcard)

Upcoming Events

The Strasbourg Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Exhibition

An invitation to modern art, from the city of food and art at Europe’s crossroads

Period: May 26th to July 16th

Location: Museum of Modern Art, Ibaraki

The city of Strasbourg, capital of the Alsace region of eastern France, has long flourished as an important transportation hub. Though Alsace was historically the stage for territorial battles between Germany and France, currently Strasbourg not only serves as a symbol of European harmony as a ‘European Capital’ and site of the European Parliament along with Brussels, it is also a popular tourist destination for its beautiful old city and Christmas markets. This exhibit will center around the collection of the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, from the historically rich city of Strasbourg which celebrates the blending and fusion of German and French culture and still has traces of the footsteps of Gutenberg and Erasmus, Goethe and Mozart. In addition to masters who have painted art history in their splendid colors, such as Alfred Sisley, Paul Gauguin, Paul Signac, and Pablo Picasso, there are also pieces from painters connected with the Alsace region such as Lothar von Seebach and Jean Arp. This collection begins with the Impressionists and passes through the 20th century to reach the modern era, giving a glimpse at the rich and variegated world of contemporary and modern western painters.

Related Events:

Art Seminar: Strasbourg the Border City, Living as both German and French

An introduction to the old capital of Strasbourg in its place between France and Germany, its symbolism of the unrest of European history, and the fascinating culture which allowed it to develop independently.

Date: June 16th, 1:30pm

Instructor: Uchida Hidemi (Seikei University Economics Department)

Location: Ground Floor Auditorium (limit 250 people, free entry)


Art Lecture: Strasbourg Museum Exhibition, an Introduction to Modern Art

Date: June 24th, 1:30pm

Instructor: Planning Section Assistant Curator Sawawata Mari

Location: Ground Floor Auditorium (limit 250 people, free entry)


Gallery Talk from the Curator

Date: July 8th, 1:30pm

Location: 2nd Floor Exhibition Hall (ticket needed)


Museum Theater: In the City of Sylvia

Director Jose Luis Guerin, collaboration between France and Spain, 85min

Date: July 1st; entrance at 1pm, curtains up at 1:30pm

Location: Ground Floor Auditorium (limit 250 people, free entry)


Museum Concert: Tanabata Concert, A Night of Impressionist Music featuring Violin and Piano

Date: July 7th; doors open at 5:30pm, curtains up at 6pm

Performers: Tachibana Chisato (pf), Mogitate Maki (vn)

Location: 1st Floor Entrance Hall (limit 200 people, free entry, must apply via reply postcard)


Art Forum: An Overview of Strasbourg, Introduction to Modern Art

–          Gallery Talk and Evening of Alsace Cuisine and Wine

A chance to view the exhibition and enjoy some Alsace cuisine and wine (light meal) from the museum’s own French restaurant ‘Petit Poire’.

Dates: June 17th, July 15th, 4-7pm

Strasbourg Exhibition Viewing (with gallery talk)

2nd Floor Exhibition Hall (ticket required)

An Evening of Alsace Cuisine and Wine

Restaurant Petit Poire (1500yen meal fee)

* limit 30 people for both, must apply via reply postcard